Cross Engineering
Associates, Inc.

Projects & Market Sectors

CEAI has experience designing municipal facilities, underground utilities (storm/sanitary sewers and water mains), roadways and alleys.  This includes local municipalities, counties and state agencies.

Roadways & Transportation
We have managed projects and designed plans for various types of urban, suburban and rural roadways throughout the region.

Healthcare & Senior Living - CEAI can help you with skilled nursing care, health facilities and medical offices.  We can also help with the growing need for independent and assisted living facilities for seniors.

Schools & Education - Our experience includes plans for early childhood learning centers, elementary, middle and high schools, and higher learning facilities.

Residential - CEAI has done extensive plans for mid-rise condominiums, apartments, townhouses and single-family units.  This includes individual infill lots to large-scale master planned communities.

Recreational - We have designed ice-skating centers, athletic fields, parks, community clubhouses and bike paths.

Retail & Commercial - Our knowledge includes plans for Lifestyle Centers, small to big box retailers, shopping malls, restaurants and financial institutions.

Hospitality - We understand the special requirements for designing hotel and resort facilities.

Office & Industrial - CEAI has engineered plans for corporate office and industrial business parks.  We have experience designing corporate headquarters, warehouse facilities and distribution centers.

For more information regarding our project experience , contact or call us today at 847-498-0800.

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